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  • Allenair Drum Pump - May 2020.jpg

    Stainless Steel Drum Transfer pumps for 55 gallon drums

    Star manufactures stainless steel drum transfer pumps. These pumps are available with a variety of drive cylinder sizes to allow pumping of liquids of varying viscosity. These pumps are designed for use with a 55 gallon drum. Custom dip tube lengths are available. 


  • STA-40 and STA101.png

    When an air supply is available at your job site, these air-powered pumps will allow you to safely deliver up to 10,000 psi. Air power pumps limit the operator fatigue that can occur when using a manual hydraulic pump. Star offers 2 series of air-powered, hydraulic pumps. The STA-40 is a basic foot-activated, portable, air-powered pump with a 37 cubic inch reservoir. The STA-101 series is also portable and it offers both foot and hand-pendant activation. It also offers models with the ability to activate double-acting cylinders through a 4-way valve. The STA-101 series is also available in a variety of both anodized aluminum and plastic reservoirs. These pumps are manufactured for Star from Taiwan.

  • Star Electric Pump Picture.png

    Star now offers 2 different series of electric powered hydraulic pumps. Both can provide hydraulic fluid pressure up to 10,000 psi. These portable pumps are fully sealed so they are ideal for outdoor. They are lightweight and compact for easy portability.

    The basic STE-35 pump features a 1/3 HP, 2,000 RPM commutator motor and a 49 cubic inch reservoir. A larger 98 cubic inch reservoir is available along with some other options.

    The standard 2 speed STE-65 pump features a 7/8 HP, single-phase commutator motor operating at 2,000 RPM. This motor will work from either 110 or 220 volts. The standard model comes with a .8 gallon reservoir and a 1.32 gallon reservoir is also available. A carrying handle is provided to make it easy to carry this 40 to 50 Lb. pump to your worksite.

    These pumps are manufactured for Star from Japan.

  • Single Speed Pumps

    Single - acting pumps are available with or without reservoirs and control valves.

  • Two Speed Pumps

    Star two-speed Hi-Lo pumps provide rapid movement at low pressure for the part of a cylinder's stroke where no work is encountered. The pump automatically switches to high pressure when the cylinder must deliver maximum push or pull force. Changeover from high volume - low pressure to low volume - high pressure occurs automatically approximately 300 PSI. Star's unique valving allows a single 24" lever to be used for both high pressure and low pressure pumping so there is no need to interrupt pumping to move the lever to another socket. The hand operated model has a choice of screw or cam release. The foot operated model has a release pedal. Built-in reservoirs of any size may be specified. The adjustable overload will be set at the maximum pressure at the factory unless a lower pressure is specified by the customer. The overload can be adjustedby the customer in the field, if required. Also available without reservoirs.

  • Double Acting Pumps

    Without Oil Reservoir
    Without Overload Relief Valve
    Without Manual Pressure Release Valve

    • Pumps oil when lever is moved in either direction
    • Compact size
    • Lightweight
    • Wetted parts are of aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel: can be used with water
    • 100% O-ring seals: locally available
    • Pistons are ground stainless steel, hard chrome plated
    • Leak proof O-ring ports
    • Mounts on horizontal or vertical surface
    • 24" operating lever included
    This double acting pump delivers oil when the pump lever is moved in either direction. This feature provides a more even flow of oil than a single acting pump, which delivers oil in one direction of the lever travel.

  • Manifold Mount Pumps

    These pumps provide a low cost efficient means for manually developing or increasing pressure in a hydraulic system.
    Whether used as the primary pump for a hydraulic system, or a standby pump for emergencies they furnish reliable hydraulic power to operate presses, valves, doors, safety locks and other devices.
    They are complete pumps with suction and pressure check valves but without release and overload valve. They are made to mount in your manifold block in a standard SAE O-ring port and they eliminate the need for a costly valve body.
    The handle socket is free to rotate 360º allowing the pump to be operated from any position around the axial centerline.

  • Stainless-Steel-Hand-Operated-Hydraulic-Pump

    Star pumps with wetted parts made of brass and stainless steel are available in the following models:

    • P1A-LR-SC
    • P4A-LR-SC
    • SP1A-SC
    • SP4A-SC

    The P1A-LR-SC and SP1A-SC models have one wetted brass part while the P4A-LR-SC and SP4A-SC have all wetted parts made of stainless steel. Lever handle, base plate, socket and links are not stainless steel. Select the required model.
    Star will manufacture other models in stainless steel to your requirements. All models also available in 100% stainless steel.

  • Pumps w/4 Way Valve

    For Use With Double Acting Cylinders
    All of the P, PH and CP series pumps with reservoir are available with 4-way valves for use with double-acting cylinders. This valve allows the pump to advance or retract a double-acting cylinder at full pump pressure.

  • Wire-Line Oil Saver Piston Pumps

    These MK1728 Single-Piston pumps are specially designed and manufactured for use in wire-line oil saver applications on oil rigs. These pumps include a pressure release valve controlled with an easy access metal release knob. These solid, heavy-duty manual pumps have a built-in 160 cu-in reservoir.

  • Custom Pumps - 4

    Star now provides a variety of 3/8" fittings and accessories for our pumps. These are standard high quality fittings, gauges, valves and hoses. And for our air-powered pumps, Star provides air hose and connections for the air side of the pump. Now, our customers have the option to purchase the pumps and fittings needed to configure their hydraulic pump system with just one purchase order. A list of the accessories, details and pricing are in the attachment and can be downloaded from this page. In addition, we also identify typical system configurations and the corresponding components on our sell sheets for our air and electric powered hydraulic pumps.  

    In addition to adding accessories to customize your pump, Star also has the ability to modify or design new pumps in order to match a unique application. Often, customization can be accomplished with components common to our standard designs, but we can also customize blocks, pistons and other design features as needed. Some of the more common accessories used to customize a pump are listed below.

    Common Pump accessories:
    • 4 way valve
    • Sight glass
    • Gauges
    • Carrying Handle
    • Valves, fittings, clamps, hose

  • Reservoirs

    Star has the ability to provide both standard and customized reservoirs in order to match a customer application.  Our reservoirs are heavy-duty, all steel construction to last in tough environments.  These reservoirs are available in two standard cross-sectional sized and can be made in any length to meet your capacity requirements.  These reservoirs are capable of being mounted either horizontally or vertically.


    • Heavy duty - all steel construction, painted
    • Can mount horizontally or vertically
    • Uses a 3/4 N.P.T. breather plug

    Custom Orders:
    • Add reservoir length plus 1/2" to standard model R4 or R6
    • Example: R4-17 is a 4" x 4" x 17.5" reservoir = 1 gallon (231 cu. in.)
    • Heavy duty - all steel construction, painted
    • Can mount horizontally or vertically
    • Custom capacity available - order length desired
    • Uses a 3/4 N.P.T. breather plug