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  • Pumps w/4 Way Valve

    Pumps with 4 way valves are for use with double-acting cylinders.  This valve allows the pump to advance or retract a double-acting cylinder at full pump pressure.
    A 4-way valve can be placed on any of the P, PH and CP series pumps.  To order a pump with a 4-way valve, simply add "-4V" after the pump model number (Example P2A-160-4V)

    • Same features as each Model without this 4-way valve

    Typical Applications:
    • Industrial transfer of liquid
    • Operated presses, valves, doors, safety locks and various other devices

    Design Details:
    • pumps with these valves do not have release valves because the 4-way valve is used to release pressure
    • 4-way valves only used on pumps to 10,000 PSI