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At Star Hydraulics, we design and build our pumps builds with heavy duty materials so that they can withstand extensive use in some of the toughest environments. Our pumps are often used in critical applications and must work when called upon. However, even with robust designs and high quality components, since the piston and piston packing materials must be in motion for a pump to work, there will be some wear and tear on some of the pump components.

Over time, it may become necessary to replace some of the piston packing materials such as springs, seals and wipers. At Star, we have designed our pumps to make it easy for our customers to replace these items while in application. We have set-up standard seal kits and repair kits and repair instructions for each or our pumps.
Unit of Measure

Standard Service Parts


  • Repair kit - Normally consists of piston packing components, wiper, release valve and overload valve components.
  • Seal Kit - normally consists of the piston packing components. Standard Seal material is Nitrile, for other seal materials please contact the factory
  • Foot pump lever return spring
  • Foot release return spring
  • Pump Levers
  • Ball Seating tool

Ordering Service Parts

N/A If you know your model number, ordering a Repair Kit is typically the model number with a "-RK" suffix. For example:

  • P1A repair kit is P1A-RK
  • CP-04 repair kit is CP-04-RK
  • P5AC repair kit is P5AC-RK
If you do not know the model number of the pump or if you have any questions about what you need to order, you can visit our website for an easy-to-use guide that helps you identify the repair kit, the pump model or other components that you wish to replace. Please be sure to have the model number of the pump available if you need assistance with a service parts order so we can make sure to provide you with the correct service kits or parts.

Factory Rebuilding

N/A If you would rather have Star Hydraulics repair or rebuild your pump(s), just call customer service. We will provide you with pricing, rebuild time and with information to return your pump(s) to our factory.