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In a single, compact lightweight unit, Star has combined an efficient pump and durable cylinder that produces one ton lifting capacity. The model HH700 Jack is easy to operate - takes only 1.5 pounds of lift force per 100 pounds of load. For each stroke of the pump lever, the cylinder piston rod moves 0.16 inch. The unit has a built-in release knob for rapid lowering. Star provides several standard stroke lengths, but custom lengths are also available subject to the limitations shown in the specification table below.

  • Full 2000 pound lifting capacity
  • Easily operated hand operated pump lever
  • Hard chrome plated piston rod and pump piston
  • Release knob for lowering
  • Ergonomically designed hand lever with grip
  • Top-of-stroke relief valve to prevent over-extension
  • Overload relief valve
Unit of Measure


Stroke Length

N/A 12 in

Total Length Retracted

N/A 19 in

Total Length Extended

N/A 31 in


N/A 11.5 lb

Load Capacity Guided

N/A 2000 lb

Load Capacity Unguided

N/A 1900 lb


N/A Load capacity unguided is an estimate assuming unguided load and some side loading.